Here's what some of my hosts have had to say about my keynote talks, lectures, and presentations:

"Hal is a very engaging speaker. He distills complex technological issues, into accessible, and thought provoking conversations."; Santa Clara Valley Section of the IEEE Computer Society, March 22, 2016.

"Your presentation to our group in Colorado Springs was amazing! Wow! Way more than I expected. Wish there wasn't so much 'interesting' information to share about that topic ["the Assault on Privacy"] but appreciate you sharing it."; Pikes Peak IEEE CS Chapter, July 23, 2014.

"An excellent presentation by Dr. Berghel on a subject he knows well. Many questions and many positive comments."; Phoenix IEEE CS Chapter, March 5, 2014.

"I want to provide feedback for Dr. Hal Berghel, an ACM distinguished speaker that presented to the Information Security Community of Practice of Nationwide on August 3rd. Dr. Berghel delivered a multi-dimensional perspective to the root cause for many of the threats emerging in today's cyber war. He walked us through several historical threats -- dissecting their delivery method, technologies used, and an in depth overview of the attacker's motive. He challenged the audience to think beyond the "smoking gun" for many of these attacks and urged everyone to seek the intent of these attacks to discover the real root cause. Dr. Berghel also presented several emerging threats, sharing some of the findings of his research that we should be considering as new technologies emerge in the health and automotive industries. In summary, Dr. Hal Berghel shared practical and valuable information to attendees on the topic of cyber warfare. We look forward to seeing him again.", Nationwide Insurance, August 3, 2012

"I went expecting a talk on Stuxnet and got far much more. Dr. Berghel not only gave us a broad picture of the state of Cyberwarfare, but also challenged us with what should really be important to information security in the coming decade." UMSL 2012 Spencer Lecture, April 25, 2012.

"We were very impressed with the talk on Stuxnet and Cyberwarfare - especially the way you gave us the concepts and then tied all those concepts together in the last quarter of the talk. We certainly have a new perspective on Cyberwarfare, and its various aspects, including its use by intelligence agencies." UMSL 2012 Spencer Lecture, April 25, 2012.

"Dr. Berghel delivered an entertaining, informative and engaging presentation to our IEEE section.  His depth in his field coupled with exceptional skill at effective delivery grabbed the attention of all audience members from students to retired engineers and made our hour with him seem far too short.  The topics of digital crime and identity theft could not be more relevant or important in a world filled with a shocking number of high-tech thieves.  This was our second opportunity to have Dr. Berghel speak to our group and we are eagerly awaiting our opportunity to bring him back again next year!" Coastal SC Chapter of the IEEE. October 28, 2009.

"Berghel was an extremely interesting and knowledgeable speaker, the best we've had at a Canaveral Section meeting in many years.  The attendees seemed to be fascinated by all the information he presented."  IEEE Canaveral Section, April 7, 2009.

"Dr. Berghel's presentation on Internet Fraud to the CS Coastal SC Chapter was riveting and was one of the best we have had.  It is obvious that he has a vast knowledge of the topic and could have talked for hours.  The one hour and fifteen minutes that he spoke went by in a flash and I wished we had several more hours with him.  His presentation was informative, entertaining, and also somewhat frightening.  For example, he described a scam where criminals installed memory modules in gasoline pumps to record and later retrieve customer's credit information.  He is a highly recommended speaker."  Coastal SC Chapter of the IEEE. April 6, 2009.

"Dr. Berghel presented an interesting and insightful lecture, delivered with humor.  He's deeply knowledgable about his topics and speaks with energy and wit.  We'd love to have him come again." DC ACM Chapter, February 9, 2009.

"A great keynote address on Digital Security for the Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Computing in Mexico. The talk was not only excellent, so interesting, so suitable for the Celebration, but also so wise and opportune, for the current Mexican Congress is now very interested in the area of Public Security." Mexican House of Representatives, September 3, 2008.

"Prof. Berghel's presentation on identity theft was filled with real-life examples that made this talk on a disturbing topic both shockingly real and entertaining to hear." - IEEE Los Alamos Chapter, March 18, 2008.

" Berghel's presentation was sobering and scary. A call to action to all security professionals at libraries and other organizations to be on our toes. " - Confessions of a Science Librarian,, IATUL 2005,  May 30, 2005.

"I saw the audience rapt with awe, fear, fascination, and laughter -- great topic, great speaker, great evening." San Diego ACM Professional Chapter, San Diego, September 17, 2003

"Hal Berghel delivers a presentation the way that Muhammad Ali faced down challengers in the ring, with grace and spunk. He has a unique ability to cut through hype and fully engages his audience in a journey through IT topics. Hal was able to respond to questions with a depth and clarity that confirmed why he is such a popular speaker, writer, researcher, and asset to the both the Computer Science community and the world at large." Access 2002 Conference, Windsor, Ontario, October 22, 2002.

"The talk was great, the audience loved it. The only problem was space! The next time we invite him we'll need a larger lecture theater." University of Sydney, April 8, 2002.

"Great personality, exciting lecturer and presenter." Victoria University of Wellington, March 20, 2002.

" The talk was fascinating throughout." University of Melbourne, March 28, 2002.

"Your presentation as keynote speaker ... was a great success." 55th Annual meeting of the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators Conference, Las Vegas, September 28, 2001.

"Hal was at his usual sparkling, inspiring best. His insights into where we've been and where we're going into the digital domain was provocative, stimulating, brilliant.", RMIT, Melbourne, May 15, 2001.

"Your presentation was quite spectacular- thought provoking and humorous at the same time..." [excerpts from actual evaluation forms: "engaging," "very stimulating," "inspiring," "excellent presentation," "...helped me to liberate my thinking," "speaker himself was excellent."] - Keynote Address, American Library Association, RUSA - Chicago, July 9, 2000.

"Hal Berghel demonstrated a thorough understanding of the topic... the audience was very interested in his talk." - California State University - Northridge, Northridge, CA 2/7/00

""Thank you for the inspiring keynote address you gave....The purpose of a keynote address is to make people think. It was clear that you achieved this." - Australasian Computing Science Conference, Canberra, 2/1/00

"[Berghel] provided a stimulating and thought-provoking lecture that was well received by the audience." - Griffith University, Brisbane, AUS 5/25/99

"... attracted many students and staff members. The discussion after the lecture continued for at least another 40 min. It was really good." - Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, AUS, 5/24/99

"The ability to follow up the details through Web based materials is of great benefit. Hal has that presence that makes any talk interesting and fact filled. Thanks Hal for a great session." - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, AUS, 5/21/99

"A very interesting and entertaining talk with lots of the in-sight into the problems and the future of the web." - LaTrobe University, Adelaide, AUS, 5/19/99

"The topic of the Y2k problem was timely and interesting. Prof. Berghel gave us not only an interesting topic, but a humorous presentation." - Univ. Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ, 5/14/99

"Berghel's talk was excellent, ...enlightening and appreciated" - Texas Christian University, 2/18/99

"Thanks for a great job!" - AISG InsTech'98, 11/18/98

"Excellent!" - ACM Los Angeles Professional Chapter, 4/1/98

"Dr. Berghel's ... presentation on the social implications of current and emerging Web technologies was educational, thought-provoking, and very engaging... excellent...highly recommended" - ACM Lecture, Michigan State University, 1/23/98

"Hal is a very good speaker. He should be retained as an ACM Lecturer as long as possible." - ACM Lecture, Oklahoma State University, 11/13/97

"Hal did a wonderful job.... [He] delivered a very informative as well as entertaining lecture. We hope he will come visit us again in the future." - ACM Lecture, Sam Houston State University, 11/06/97

"...A very interesting and timely talk." - ACM Lecture, Univ. Uppsala, June 6, 1997 (Sweden)

"Dr. Berghel is not only an excellent speaker, but also a great motivator. We are honored to receive him." - Simposium Internacional de Sistemas Computarizados, April 19, 1997 (Iberoaamericana Plantel Laguna, Torreon (Mexico)

"Dr. Berghel gave a fine talk about his upcoming article regarding the ethics of Email. We are proud to have him visit..." - Univ. Central Florida, March 26, 1997

"...extremely well-prepared and knowledgeable. The talk was both interesting and informative." - ACM Lecture, Texas Tech Univ., March 6, 1997 (USA)

"... a very well-prepared, informative, thought-provoking presentation." - ACM Lecture, Cal State - Northridge, Feburary 6, 1997. (USA)

"... a very comprehensive ...and interesting ...presentation." - ACM Lecture, Univ. Tennessee, October 11, 1996. (USA)

"...well-prepared [and] lively... nicely done." - IEEE DVP Lecture, Univ. Saskatchewan, March 25, 1996. (Canada)

"...the best [lecturer] I have heard .. very knowledgeable." - IEEE DVP Lecture, Detroit, July 25, 1995. (USA)

"..a great seminar. We benefitted alot..." - ACM Lecture, Louisiana State Univ., April 4, 1995 (USA)

"This lecture was so much better than we could have hoped for... Hal has complete knowledge of the subject and outstanding communications skills. We would very much like to have him come back..." - ACM Lecture, Cal State - Northridge, Feburary 22, 1995. (USA)

sources: lecture evaluation forms submitted to ACM Distinguished Lecturer Program and IEEE-CS Distinguished Visitor's Program.